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Anonymous asked: do you swallow?

If I’m a good girl

All I want is perfect skin

Fuck you skin I hate you

When mike leaves the room and I’m laying here for an hour like what do you talk to your mom about for an entire hour????

My family is weird and we barely interact like we never talk for even 30 minutes straight !!!

Sry I’m fucking bored

Some creepers that’s who!!!

thebionicvapourboy asked: I would do so many things to you. But only if you want it


Anonymous asked: I'd love to fuck your ass and have you squeeze my cum out. I mean you did say I have a nice cock ;)

Keep dreamin


i want a hot body but i also want hot wings

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Anonymous asked: i still watch those videos of you fucking your ass you sent me ;)

I don’t even have those videos saved anymore, so enjoy!

Would kill for a good bum fuck right now. Holy shit so mad. Can’t sleep/no desire to work in the morning. Do people realize how crazy they drive us, like holy fuck is this how mad they are when I’m the one driving you crazy.

Perspective man

I just smoked a bowl for the first time in a while I’m so sorry

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Night night

Talk to me

I’ve realized I’ve practically disappeared from here but seriiiisly talk to me

Anonymous asked: Sit on my face

Who’s you

Sorry in advance

It’s okay to be a little aggravated when I get my hopes up, knowing things can’t always go my way or perfectly is excepted at times. I just really hate that when I finally get a weekend day off, we have plans to go do things and it’s constantly turned into an entirely different day. I get that you’re a family dude and you help them out with anything and everything wether it’s a phone call or your name being yelled from another room asking for help. But whhyyy every weekend? Then the one day we actually do get to do what we planned and have a fun night out it’s back to helping out your family. Maybe I don’t fully understand because my family isn’t as reliant on eachother in our day to day lives, but a man needs some space. I give it to him, because he needs it. He can’t always be with me 24 hours a day 7 days a week, but why can’t his family understand that he needs a day where you guys don’t bother him because you need something. He puts a tremendous amount of work into helping you out and you will bring him down so hard the one moment he missed your calls or was late to come help you out.

I’m ranting cuz I’m laying in bed and it’s getting dark when I have done nothing but go to costco on my day off. I work at 8 am and I can’t stay up too late seeing as I didn’t go to bed this past night till 7 this morning.

I might be a little baby about this shit but, my parents would never ask me to do as many things as he is asked of.

So much for going to the fair, going to the movies, going to dinner. From one plan to another, all 3 have failed.

As of now I just want to sit at fucking taco surf and drink some whiskey